Eloping from the US to Their Favorite City: Copenhagen

When K & C texted me, I instantly felt they were my kind of couple. They seemed so easy-going, loving, and funny, simply following their feelings about how they wanted to get married. The day started off relaxing. I arrived at their hotel (I highly recommend Ibsens Hotel), where the sun was shining through their big windows onto the small, cute souvenirs from their family back home in the US. Even though they decided to get married with just the two of them present, I could feel how much love they shared with their loved ones.

P.S. Here’s a great idea you can borrow from them if you’re also planning a small wedding: they sent flowers as a sweet surprise to their family back in the US.

Cullen went to a nearby park to wait for the first look. Meanwhile, I helped Kelsey get ready, and we prepared for this delicate moment. They met on the wooden bridge while birds were chirping, the sun was shining through the trees, and the air smelled of flowers—it looked like a fairy tale. The rest of the day flowed beautifully. Their ceremony felt perfect for them. Even though it was just five minutes long, the registrar said beautiful things about love, how it helps us grow and how important it is to cherish it. After the ceremony, we spontaneously went to a shop near City Hall, bought sparkling tea and champagne glasses, and went to the City Hall garden to celebrate.

Afterwards, we returned to their hotel to refresh and then headed back out to the streets of Copenhagen. The locals kept saying “tillykke” (congratulations) to them. I believe that when people have open hearts, others can sense it and respond in kind. We just enjoyed the day without grand plans, stopping at a small coffee shop for iced coffee and at a local hotdog stand, because why not? 🙂

Six hours flew by, filled with heartwarming moments. Thank you, K & C, for trusting me to be the photographer who documents your special day. You both are amazing—you know that!

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